To improve and secure your services, the following PHP versions will not be supported at 01.09.2015 :

* PHP 4.x (end of life for more than 6 years)

* PHP 5.2 (end of life for more than 4 years)

* PHP 5.3 (end of life for more than 6 months)

The choice of version via .htaccess will be inactive. These versions are not maintained, they will be replaced by default php 5.4 for your sites and for your scheduled tasks (CRON). We urge you to test your sites and scheduled tasks with these new versions now (PHP 5.6 recommended). Preventive email communication was sent or is being sent this month to the affected customers. For more information about the features PhP impaired and migration guides, official website:  

La version PhP de ce site est périmée (erreur #25875) 

Vous pouvez temporairement accéder au site en erreur par ce lien  

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